Bronto SA - Brontosaurus

Brontosaurus is a genus of gigantic quadruped sauropod dinosaurs, which describes the tracks on this gigantic EP by Bronto SA!

Bronto SA - Brontosaurus
1. Exonerate
2. Brontosaurus (Unleashed Mix)
3. Wilderness

DJ Feedback

"Only speaking of one track wouldn't be doing justice to the ep. The body of work is well structured and has a good mood to it. Can't wait to play Exonerate on my next mix. Great party starter welldone" - Lotus Mae
"Love Exonerate. Great EP. Will be playing in my sets and on radio." - Das Kapital (5FM)
"This Is Dope!! Supporting!!" - Kreative Nativez
"Good Stuff!" - Mood Dusty
"Exonerate is definitely a banger. I love the chords and the progression with the synths is just amazing." - Tahir Jones
"dope EP!" - Aimo
"HEAT!" - Vinny Da Vinci
"I dont actually know what to say except HARD!!! This EP is flawless - 3 very strong tracks that I will be 100% supporting! Well done Bronto" - Kitty Amor
"Looks like I have a new artist to play on my radar. I really love Exonerate and Wilderness" - Phodii
"Killer EP!!" Da Q-Bic